Find ways to highlight the clever features of every propertry - even a tiny home

People have all kinds of houses to sell and the way in which they present their home makes a massive difference to the potential to get a quick sale or to get the price that you were looking for at the start.

One of the major considerations when selling a home has always been the amount of space that a property has. This needn’t be the case as it isn’t the size of the home that really matters. It is the functionality of the home and what it means to the person or people living there that makes a difference.

Take tiny houses for instance. There are benefits to owning a tiny house that the owners of large property will never be able to appreciate.  The cost of building a tiny home will be a fraction of the cost of building a large home. When the savings are made on the building of your home then these can be spent elsewhere. The financial freedom from not having to pay a mortgage for 25 years is a liberating experience and thus means that you can spend your money on the others things that interest you in your life. Keep this in mind when talking to potential buyers about your home.

You need to be organised in a way that you probably never imagined before. When it comes to selling any home the amount of space is only relative to the amount of stuff you fill it with. Any unnecessary clutter can be removed nit just from your home but from your life if you decide to live in a tiny home.

Tiny homes are often architecturally clever in their design because they have to make the most of the space that is available. Highlight the clever feature sin your home and you will get potential buyers hooked on these little ideas that make the difference to how you live in the home. Don’t be afraid to talk about the size of your home with potential buyers because you just can’t hide it. But be clever in taking about the parts that make it unique. A tiny home is often a home that has been created in a different way to homes with standard construction.

Be proud of your tiny home and if the time comes to sell it then get the housing market to embrace it for what it is. Small is beautiful!


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